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Finger Knitting Fun

Finger knitting is a great way to learn how to knit. It’s easy to do and you will quickly have something that you can wear or play with. When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful rope of yarn that you can use for lots of different things, such as a cool headband, a belt, bracelet, […]

Fireworks Bracelets for the Fourth of July

When you attend a Fourth of July parade, picnic, or firework show, you must dress the part. These red, white and blue fireworks bracelets are just the thing to show your patriotic spirit. Your kids will love making them too. Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

Magnetic Paper Dolls Travel Toy

I love paper dolls. I have fond memories from my childhood cutting out paper dolls with tabs. This modern version is much easier, is magnetic and is personalized — featuring you child. Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

Marshmallow Shooter

Constructing a PVC Marshmallow Shooter is super easy, super fun, and it can be assembled in many different ways. They are great for parties and playdates: Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

Shadow Photo Cards For Father’s Day

Show Dad how much you love him with the unique, homemade Father’s Day photo card. Make it even sweeter by framing it so he can display it. Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

Hands Down the Best End of the Year Teacher Gift: Personalized Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With the end of the school year fast approaching, you may be thinking of a nice way to say thank you to your child’s teacher. A personalized hand sanitizer dispenser for the classroom is the perfect solution. Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

Paracord Bracelets

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 15 and Paracord bracelets are easy to make for any outdoorsy dad (or anyone else who likes them). The best part is that they can be unraveled into several feet of very strong cordage that can be used in emergency situations. You never know when you many need the […]

DIY Butterfly Feeder

The flowers have bloomed, the days are sunny and warm — spring is the loveliest time of year! You can make it even lovelier by attracting butterflies to your yard with a butterfly feeder. It’s a simple and fun craft project for people of all ages. Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

Decorate Your Space with a Painted Floorcloth

Painted floorcloths originated in France in the 1400s. Also known as canvas rugs, they are very durable, clean up easily, can be painted to complement any decor, and are an easy, cost-effective way to cover your floor. Latest Baristanet article can be seen here

DIY Hammered Spoon Garden Markers

Mark your heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, and green beans with something much more special than a wooden stake. Hammered Spoon Garden markers are a quick and easy way to re-purpose everyday items to get your spring gardening off to a great start! Latest Baristanet article can be seen here